Greetings and Regards
In the name of the Supreme Leader, the Turquoise Trio Group is a limited joint stock company (registration number: 453768)
The MFCO brand consists of several sub-categories of commercial, manufacturing and services in the field of building industry
Is proud to have been using the years of experience in the field of management and implementation (with a history of more than 700 projects of luxury and special projects), along with a technical and professional team of architecture and civil engineering, has been providing consulting, design and implementation in the industrial, administrative, ,
Commercial and residential and restoration of religious and historical sites.
Therefore, in order to provide specific and distinctive services, this complex will be prepared to study, design and implement the internal and external decoration architecture in its shortest possible time.

Some of the activities and services of the Turquoise Triangle Group:
All business executives from the tougher stage of the building using a capable executive team of over 180 direct members under the supervision of this group.
Design studio designer
Three workshops equipped with woodworking, wooden and MDF and professional wood painting
Consulting, design and implementation of intelligent control systems and BMS with more than 1000 executive projects
Consultation, design and execution of all kinds of Chinese knot doors and windows with over 30 national projects
Consultation, design and implementation of a variety of interior decoration products including a variety of luxury and modern and classic cabinets.

Consultation, design and implementation of all kinds of Closet, Fulted, Modern and Classic Luxury Folders
Consultation, design and execution of all kinds of entrance and interior doors of all wood, luxury and modern classical
Consulting, design, implementation and equipment of amphitheater, congress and meetings
Direct Conductor of Aungadjour Furniture from Turkey and Outdoor Furniture and Artificial Grass and Decorative Stone
A supplier of luxury stone gems at very competitive prices without intermediaries from mining
The special manufacturer of special saltwater glass aquarium
Rocky Natural Waterfall Builder
Providing water jet and mosaic of ceramic tiles and stone